All Night Café Launches

New Beginnings Reading is very pleased to announce the opening of our All Night Café at the Queens Arm, Reacing. Founder Grace Gomez announced our first session on Facebook:

New Beginnings Reading all Night Cafe is…..OPEN 👍😊
We opened our doors on Friday and Saturday night. 4 people slept on Friday and we welcomed 9 people last night.

6 years of not giving up…Thank you to all of you who made it possible.

I have cried a river of tears of joy this weekend.

The feedback from our first guest, “thank you, you have created a sanctuary for us.”

Thank you all for your support, time, prayers, money, effort and encouragement.

WE DONE IT….We smashed it 👏👏🙏🏾

Grace Gomez

The All Night Café will be running every Friday and Saturday during the months of November and December. Please help spread the word by printing and giving out the All Night Café flyer!