BJP Insurance Brokers’ sleep out raises £3,300 in aid of NBR

New Beginnings Reading would like to thank Leighton Jones of BJP Insurance Brokers for organising a sponsored sleep out, which took place on the same night we launched our All Night Café, the 9th November. They raised over £3,300 in aid of our cause! Here’s what Leighton said about the event:

We managed to build a shelter in the bike shed in the grounds here, which was handy because I don’t think we would have managed without it. Once we managed to keep the rain out I think the biggest problem, apart from the cold, was there wasn’t enough space for everyone to lay down and trying to sleep in camping chairs is not that easy.

At the end of the day we all survived it, no tears or fights and we didn’t get eaten by rats, so I call it success. I don’t know if you have seen it but we have now raised over £3300 from this event and want to keep pushing it.

So glad that you have managed to get the night cafe open, the weather was atrocious both Friday and Saturday so its fantastic that you can help people to get out of it. It must be such an amazing feeling to see all your efforts pay off eventually. Well done to you all, you doing fantastic work.

We’re so very grateful to everyone at BJB who took part and braved the cold and wet weather! If you or your business would like organise a fundraising event in aid of New Beginnings Reading, please let us know.