Many thanks to everyone that helped with our sleep-out!

A massive thank you to Dan Stevens, my daughter Nikolle Medford, Jeff, Teegan Atherstone, Taliah Holder, Penny Hajinicolas, Alison Goodchild, Julie Mills, my sister Andrea Medford and her fiancé John Edwards, and of course Satty Mann who slept out with myself and my husband at the Queens Arms for our sponsored fundraising event.

We started the evening off with a BBQ before trying to settle down for the night. John got a fire going and it wasn’t long before I found myself nodding off on my chair. My husband Joe and I, along with Penny and Satty, made up the best beds we could and settled down to sleep outside the pub on the pavement.

There definitely is safety in numbers, I would not have wanted to be out there on my own. It was really noisy, with the helicopter flying over and the buses going in and back out in the morning. I did manage to sleep in between turning over trying to get comfortable on the hard floor. We woke at 5.50am as it was light, had coffee, went in to the toilet and had breakfast – luxuries that people who are homeless do not have. God bless Avril, who came along to support us, slept on the sofa indoors and got up to make bacon sandwiches for us in the morning.

After clearing up, we got home for 8am. I was so glad to get into my bed! We slept for 4 hours before getting up and getting on with the day. I felt awful on Sunday from lack of sleep. I tried to imagine what it is like for people who have no choice about sleeping rough and have no home. To be tired all day, having nowhere to go, and knowing that every day will be the same with little or no home. We were blessed with a warm dry night. Imagine if it had rained!

Steve, known as Big Foot, joined us for the sleep out in the early hours of the morning. He has been sleeping rough for 14 months. I don’t know how people survive out there…

Thank you to all who supported us and donated. You can still donate via Total Giving, New Beginnings Reading. Thank you to Tony Waysome, David Michael and his beautiful wife Siana Jane Taylor, Sarah, Carole and Frank, for coming along to support us on the evening.

We have raised a whopping £3800 so far between us! Julie Mills – you have smashed you target! Nikolle Medford has raised over £1000, IT TRULY IS AMAZING!

That is not all of the donations! THANK YOU! I will let you know our final figure. I feel sure we will reach and smash our £6k target! Every penny will go towards the rent and running costs of The Queens Arms alcohol free pub, serving the homeless and needy in Reading. The Community in Action, loving and helping each other.